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We welcome you to come join our volunteer team!

The Dr. Martin Luther King Colorado Holiday Commission (MLK) invites you to become a part of an awsome team, where the people are dedicated to preserving history while continuing to forge a path to a promising, brighter future!

The MLK commission is supported by community volunteers who have dedicated countless hours to the organization, in addition to lending their expertise and providing social capital that has helped the commission to succeed.

Our volunteers relentlesly strive to support the mission of the MLK commission by continuing to uplift and magnify Dr. Martin Luther King, his legacy and his dream.

Our volunteers share a common belief that all people should be able to enjoy a life of equality and freedom without threat or fear of retaliation or hate. We offer Scholarships, marshal training, educational opportunities and capacity building around civic engagment and leadership.

We provide several options for our volunteers to get involved with, year round programs and projects, we look for our volunteers to serve on various committees within the organization as well as one time special events.

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